Tat soi growing time lapse


Tatsoi can be grown to harvestable size in 45–50 days, and can withstand temperatures down to –10 °C. Tatsoi also called tat choy or the Chinese flat cabbage with mild, mustardy leaves often show up in mixed salad greens.

The timelapse shoes growing tatsoi in soil for 48 days – it’s a quick growing plant as shown by Green Timelapse.

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Tatsoi can also be grown hydroponically with success in a simple Kratky setup as shown by NewMore. For the Hydroponic Kratly setup, the following nutrient setup can be used: Nutrients: 2.4 grams Masterblend tomato, 2.4 grams calcium nitrate and 1 gram epsom salt per 4 liters of tap water.

The great thing about growing leafy greens is that you can actually do partial harvests during the growing period, so you don’t have to actually wait for 50 days to eat it.

If you look at the hydroponic growing setup, it seems that growing tatsoi hydroponically bring bigger harvest and trouble free growing (for the soil variant you can see how the Tatsoi is affected by the lack of moisture in the soil.

The seeds were planted directly in the netcups, so it’s very easy to start them.

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