Preventing root rot in hydroponics


Old Planty shows us how the root rot looks like in a plant in hydroponics. Root rot can happen even to soil cultures, but it’s easier to happen in hydroponics where roots stay in water.

The first signs show on the visible plant, the leafs start looking like they are not getting enough water. The roots are brown and start to smell funny. The plant is dying because the remaining healthy roots can not supply enough nutrients and water to the plant.

Root rot in hydroponic can happen from multiple reasons, but the most common ones are mold and pathogens such as Pythium and Phytophthora or other bacteria.

To prevent root rotting in hydroponics you basically have to produce the conditions to stop the growth of unwanted bacteria:

  • change the water and trim the dead roots
  • prevent the lack of oxygen by adding aeration (a simple aquarium pump and aeration stone might do the trick
  • decrease the water temperature by placing the hydroponic plant in a cooler place
  • sterilize the container (with Hydrogen peroxide or any other hydroponic sterilization solutions) as described by old planty here
  • add beneficial bacteria to your nutrient solution (bacteria Bacillus genus)
  • make sure your container prevents light leaks

Thank you Old Planty for the informative video!

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