Microgreens from start to finish


The Greenshine Farmer tell how to prep, seed, grow, harvest, and pack micro peas and sunflowers for grocery stores.

The video explains how to grow pea and sunflower microgreens outside, even if you have a small yard, but you can still grow microgreens at home, maybe in your basement with artificial lightning.

First you should soak the seeds for 12 hours (or overnight) to jumpstart them. Greenshine Farmer use coco peat soil as a substrate, but you can use anything from paper towels to Rockwool or Perlite and vermiculite for your microgreens.

After spreading the seeds on the substrate and watering them the trick is to place the trays on top of each other to create pressure on the seeds – this will help create thicker stems and better growth.

Depending on the seeds and temperature, it will take around a week to have the microgreens ready!

Thanks Greenshine Farmer for the easy to follow tutorial on how to grow microgreens!

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