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Hydroponic herbs are a great choice if you want to start in hydroponics at home. First of all, it’s very easy and second you will have fresh herbs grown in your kitchen!

4 best hydroponic herbs to grow in your hydroponic garden system

Most of the common herbs are easy to grow indoors using a hydroponic system. Unlike planting herbs in soil, hydroponic systems are a set and forget system (well, most of them). You don’t need to water the plants each day, provide light and pests and diseases are better controlled in hydroponic systems.

So what are the easiest and better herbs to grow in hydroponic garden systems?

Hydroponic basil

Growing hydroponic basil on your kitchen countertop has many advantages over growing outdoors. It’s easier to control the environment, and you can harvest fresh herbs whenever you need them. Plus, you get to see how the basil is growing each day!

If you’re interested in growing herbs indoors, then you should start with basil. This herb is one of the easiest to grow because its very easy to clone or start from seeds and also very forgiving.

Hydroponic mint

Hydroponic mint is one easiest hydroponic projects you could start. Mint is easy to start from cuttings, grows quickly and is not very nutrient demanding. They like full sun to partial shade so they are not very demanding in terms of hydroponic lightning either (but need the regular 14 to 18 hours of light). PH is around 7 so you might not need to PH control the nutrient solution at all. The perfect choice for any hydroponic start.

Hydroponic Cilantro

Hydroponic Cilantro or Coriander is easy to grow at home and very rewarding. The leaves are called cilantro and the seeds are coriander and the good news is that you can use both to spice your foods.

Coriander is native to southern Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia and comes in more varieties.

Hydroponic Parsley

Hydroponic parsley together with basil, mint and cilantro is one of the common aromatic herbs you can grow on your kitchen counter using an easy to use hydroponic system.

Parsley is native to the central and eastern Mediterranean region and is mostly used in salads and a vegetable in many soups and stews.

There are 2 common types of parsley: Italian parsley and curly leaf parsley – the most usual is the Italian parsley because of its big leafs.

Hydroponic herb systems

Hydroponic herb gardens are usually very easy: we are talking about a reservoir that holds the hydroponic nutrient solution, a growing medium (where the seeds are roots are placed, as easy as sponges) and a source of light (that can be artificial light or even the Sun). You can DIY an easy hydroponic system or choose a more advanced one that has pumps, automatic lights, fans and sensors, that really make your life easier:

AeroGarden Bounty Basic – Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light

AeroGarden Bounty Basic hydroponic garden grows up to 9 of your favorite herbs indoors and year-round, without soil.

Automatic lighting timer and touchscreen control panel allow for easy upkeep, while vacation mode keeps your plants healthy while you’re out of town

Includes the Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit, featuring Genovese Basil (2), Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil, Mint, Chives, and Italian Parsley

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System 12Pods, Indoor Garden

Easy-Setup Germination Kit: 3 steps in all to set up the hydroponic growing system machine. All the factors needed for plant growth – light, simulated soil are included in the hydroponic growing system.

2 Growing Modes: 22-Watt LED light of hydroponics growing system turns on/off automatically, simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting plants’ photosynthesis in any weather. Vegetables Mode emits blue light, red light, far red light and white light; Flower/Fruit Mode emits red light, far red light and white light.

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