Grow Broccoli Microgreens at Home


Growing microgreens at home can be very easy. At the minimum, you need some trays, dirt and seeds. You can grow them with cheap LED shop lights, and it only takes a few minutes of time.

Grow Daddy brings us a very easy tutorial on how to start the microgreens. After you water the dirt and spread the seeds as even as possible, it’s a good idea to place another tray on top of them to force them sprouting.

If you grow them inside, you can make a very easy shelves system and use cheap lights like described in the video. This way you can grow multiple microgreens in the same time saving some space.

Seeing all the seeds sprouting and growing can be a very nice thing to do with your kids.

You can reuse the dirt in your garden as growing microgreens doesn’t take many valuable nutrients from the dirt.

Of course you can also grow microgreens without soil, there are special plastic trays where you just add water or can use paper towels, as bringing dirt inside can spread various diseases and pests.

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