September 21, 2022

Hydroponic Parsley

Hydroponic parsley together with basil, mint and cilantro is one of the common aromatic herbs you can grow on your kitchen counter using an easy to use hydroponic system.
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September 7, 2022

Hydroponic Cilantro – how to grow videos

Hydroponic Cilantro or Coriander is easy to grow at home and very rewarding. The leaves are called cilantro and the seeds are coriander and the good news is that
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hydroponic mint growing
August 7, 2022

Hydroponic mint – how to grow your own

Hydroponic mint is one easiest hydroponic projects you could start. Mint is easy to start from cuttings, grows quickly and is not very nutrient demanding. They like full sun
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Basil Hydroponics for Beginners
June 15, 2022

Hydroponic basil for Beginners with videos

Growing hydroponic basil on your kitchen countertop has many advantages over growing outdoors. It’s easier to control the environment, and you can harvest fresh herbs whenever you need them.
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Hydroponic seeds germination
June 5, 2022

Hydroponic seed germination

Hydroponic seed germination is a crucial step in any hydroponic gardening. After all without plants you cant really do an gardening! But can you use any seeds for hydroponics?
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Cheap microgreens setup
February 12, 2022

Cheap microgreens setup – video tutorials

Making a cheap microgreens setup is easy and fun, a project that you can make with your kids. Growing microgreens means essentially growing seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs.
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February 5, 2022

10 most popular microgreens to grow at home

Well, it depends. You want microgreens to spice up your dishes? Go with mustard and radishes. You need some microgreens to bring some color to your dish? Amaranth, beets
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January 23, 2022

How to prune your hot peppers for increased production in hydroponics

Pruning hot peppers means trimming dead or overgrown branches or stems as a way to increase pepper production. There is a long debate if you should prune or not
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hydroponic tomatoes
January 13, 2022

Best tomato for indoor hydroponics

Choosing the best tomato for indoor hydroponics has to take into account of the indoor hydroponics limitations: space, height and time. If you plan to grow tomato indoors, maybe
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Make your own hydroponic solution
January 3, 2022

Make your own hydroponic nutrient solution

If you want to make your own hydroponic nutrient solution things are not so complicated. There are cheaper alternatives to Aerogarden parts A+ B, MaxiGro or Flora Series. First,
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hydroponic light
January 1, 2022

Best hydroponic lights for the beginner

Choosing the best hydroponic lights is not so easy when you are a hydroponic beginner. Different plants need different lightning solutions and purchase costs and running costs are an
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DIY hydroponic system
December 25, 2021

How can you make a cheap DIY hydroponic system?

Sure, you can go with the ready made hydroponics systems like Aerogarden or ClickandGrow, but this might not be a cheap solution for anything bigger than growing herbs. What
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December 1, 2021

Can you grow Radishes indoors?

Yes you can, and if you provide the right light and the right soil you can actually have radishes ready to eat in 1-2 months. This makes radishes one
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November 3, 2021

Growing Radish Time Lapse

Radishes grow very quickly so they are a very good candidate for plant growing time lapses. Times of Nature brings us a 38 days time lapse from planting seed
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October 31, 2021

Garlic growing Time Lapse

Green garlic is incredible easy to grow in soil and has a very fast growing speed. RapidLapse shows us how much garlic can grow in soil with the right
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October 31, 2021

150 Days Time- Lapse Twilight Chili

Seemingly Forever Timelapse from Germany brings us a 150 days hydroponic hot pepper time-lapse. The Twilight Chili is a chili hybrid of the Thai ornamental pepper, created at New
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Josh Sattin's microgreens professional setup
October 23, 2021

The professional microgreens setup for your basement

A microgreens setup can be as easy as having a tray with soil and seeds, water them and put them outside. Growing microgreens inside all year round can be
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October 16, 2021

Tat soi growing time lapse

Tatsoi can be grown to harvestable size in 45–50 days, and can withstand temperatures down to –10 °C. Tatsoi also called tat choy or the Chinese flat cabbage with
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October 16, 2021

Aerogarden Hydroponic Tomatoes Timelapse

Is Aerogarden tall enough to raise tomatoes? This is the question I always asked myself, seeing Aerogardens used mostly for herbs. Matt Robinson brings us a tomato timelapse for
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DIY hydroponic system
October 11, 2021

Growing salad, tomato and coriander hydroponics

Plant timelapses are a great way to realize that plants are actually moving a lot while growing. They follow the light, relax during night and also move following the
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