3 microgreens Youtube channels you should follow

Microgreens youtube channels

Microgreens are essentially seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs that are harvested when the first true leaves have emerged. Growing microgreens at home is very easy, and you need at least a few items:

  • the seeds (go for organic seeds if you can)
  • trays (any trays will do for the beginning)
  • planting medium (can be soil or a soiless medium)
  • water

Youtube microgreens channels you should follow

On The Grow

On the Grow are providing microgreen farmers with the highest quality resource videos, microgreen books & gardening products since 2019. They specialize in educational, fun ‘How tos’ and ‘Microgreen Experiments’. And started On the Grow YouTube channel while growing inside of a custom built mobile 20′ long concession style trailer.

Example videos from On the Grow Youtube channel

Princeton Microgreens

Princeton Microgreens is a microgreen growing company out of Princeton, NJ. Besides business how to’s related to making money from microgreens, they are teach how grow an assortment of over 50+ Microgreens and budget and materials you’ll need to to get started growing your microgreens.

Example videos from Princeton Microgreens Youtube Channel

Microgreens Farmer

The Microgreens Farmer Youtube channel mission is to teach everything about microgreens so you can be more successful in your microgreens business adventures.

Example videos from Microgreens Farmer Youtube Channel


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